Darktime Tales Publishing, today announced the release of Scott Swift’s new book, The Pirates of the Gargoyle Valley.  The latest in the popular Traveling Salesman’s Series, The Pirates of the Gargoyle Valley is an amazing book for kids ages 8 and up that’s full of magic and adventure with surprises at every turn.

The Salesman is back! And this time his adventures take him to a hidden valley where gargoyles rule and pirates are their long time prisoners. Willing to do anything to keep their existence a secret, the gargoyles foolishly try to keep the Salesman from leaving. Big mistake.

Find out how a magical mirror, a gargoyle princess and the Salesman all come together to free the pirates in this thrilling children’s story!

What makes Darktime Tales so different from other children’s stories is that the main character of the series, the Salesman, is never given a name, nor is he described physically.  In fact, none of the characters in the stories are given names.  The Salesman could be any shape or size (tall, short, etc.) or of any background...whatever the child imagines
.  This distinctive style of writing allows children to imagine the characters as anyone they want -- family members, people in their own communities, or even classmates.  Swift developed this style to give children a voice as he conveys that stories are for sharing.

I came up with this concept so kids would see who they wanted in the characters, not who I wanted,” said author,
Scott Swift.  “If I had named a character, say, ‘Brittney’, you would immediately get a picture in your head of who I was talking about.  Even if I went on to describe how she looked, you would still have that initial picture in the back of your mind.  This way kids get to imagine the characters as anyone they want.  Uncle Paul, cousin Malik, or grandpa Chan - the Salesman is whoever the child wants him to be.”

About the Author
Scott Swift is the father of two (now young men) and the author of the popular children's series "The Traveling Salesman's Darktime Tales". He is a New Jersey resident and has been creating children's stories for years, only recently deciding to publish them. 

There are currently six audio books and seventeen stories in The Traveling Salesman series.  Stories are available individually in PDF format and as MP3 audio books from
www.darktimetales.com.  Stories and books are available on the Kindle, iPad, Nook and Sony eBook readersA paperback containing eight short stories (The Traveling Salesman’s Darktime Tales Anthology) as well as Scott's previous children's book (The Innkeeper's Vampire) are also available from Amazon.

Darktime Tales is a family run business located in Bergen County, New Jersey, and is able to provide the personal touch you simply won't find with larger publishing houses.  The Traveling Salesman stories are our first children’s series.  Additional information about Darktime Tales Publishing can be found at:  www.darktimetales.com or by writing Darktime Tales Publishing Inc.  P.O. Box 172, Hillsdale, N.J.  07642

The Pirates of the Gargoyle Valley

List Price: $7.95
122 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9838084-1-1
ISBN-10: 0983808414
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General
Richard Horwitz
Richard.Horwitz (at) DarktimeTales (dot) com
Gargoyles, Pirates and a Forbidden Love! Scott Swift delivers another terrific tale!